Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is a social bingo game which is played by millions of players everyday. I worked for GSN Games (formerly Bitrhymes) from 2012 to 2017 as a Senior UI Designer. During my time at GSN, I contributed to improve the game UI Style and designed visuals for new features & mini games.

This is a list of selected project where I led the Visual/UI Design efforts and worked hands-on.

1. Lobby Redesign

Game lobby is the main page of the game. This is where players decide which game they want to play.

The Problem:
The screen was getting too cluttered and busy due to addition of new features. We wanted to make this page clean, more functional and scalable. The goal was to reduce the complexity and define a clear information hierarchy. We needed a dynamic design framework that accommodates new features and categories.


Information: We structured the information in 3 main parts 1. HUD (top), 2. Content (middle) and Categories (bottom). This helped to maintain a clear information hierarchy and flow. In this structure new categories can be added easily.
Visuals: We Introduced a new UI Style which was simple, clean & playful, to make sure that the main content stays in focus. Redesigned HUD Panels, dropdown, bg and navigation icons. Reworked on each game tiles and used bold graphics and typography to make them stand out.

2. Marketplace Redesign

Marketplace let’s players buy in-game currency.
We redesigned this popup following the guidelines set during the lobby redesign.

Old Marketplace

New Marketplace

3. Animated Prototypes

Different bingo rooms int the game have different mechanics. This is the main appealing feature of Bingo Bash. A new bingo room is introduced in every 3-4 weeks.

The Problem
Implementing new mechanics was increasing the production time because of the complexity involved. We needed a faster alternative to test and validate new ideas quickly, without spending extra dev efforts..

We started creating quick animated prototypes to capture the core experience of mechanics. The idea was to mimic the users’ interactions and solve for the appropriate feedbacks. It helped us move fast in production since all details were captured and stakeholders now had clarity about the mechanics.

4. Deal or No Deal Bingo Game

I worked to integrate the popular Deal or No Deal gameshow experience into a bingo gameplay. I was given the responsibility to design the visuals for the entire game. 

5. Scratchers Mini Game

This is a minigame designed to increase engagement. Players buy a scratch card which contains a hidden reward. Scratching the card revels 8 reward numbers. If players gets 3 matching numbers on the card, they win.
I designed the visuals for the game.

6. UI Revamp

A proposal to redesign the old popups and pages. To ensure that the user experience is consistent across the game.

Existing Profile Page

Proposed Profile Page

Existing Daily Bonus Popup

Proposed Daily Bonus Popup

Existing VIP Intro Popup

Proposed VIP Intro Popup