Location Based Ads

A mobile app concept that makes advertisements more useful and efficient, for both consumers and businesses. Its like Tinder for ads. The app connects consumers with nearby retail stores.

How It Works?

Users select their interests in products and set a proximity range. When an offer gets matched with users' interests and location, they get to know about it.


Ads are displayed as cards. Each card follows the same information structure, containing only the most relevant information. This helps to keep things simple and provides a more usable and spam free experience.

Android App

There are 3 main parts of the app 1. Onboarding, 2. Initial Setup and 3. Core Experience. Following is a detailed view of each, with it’s features and functionalities.

1. Onboarding

It’s a simple 3 page slider that gives a quick overview about the app and how it works.

2. Initial Setup

Users have to select their interests and set the proximity range. Based on these two inputs the app shows personalised ads.

Selecting Interests

Setting proximity Range

3. Core Experience

After completing setup, the app starts searching for a relevant match. Once an offer gets matched with users' interests and proximity, it gets displayed. 

Cards gets shown here. Users can perform a set of actions here like 1. Browse through ads, 2. View more details, 3. Get directions to a store and 4. Save an ad for later use.

Browsing Ads

4. Preferences

The profile tab stores the list of interests and proximity setting. Users can change their preferences any time to make sure that they always see the most relevant ads.

5. Saved Items

The favourite tab stores all the ads that users have saved. From here they can see the ad details or delete it if no longer needed.