Quirky Alarm

An alarm app to challenge you to wake up in a quirky and fun way.


Gamifying the alarm clock.

Making the simple action of turning off the alarm clock challenging, fun and engaging. 

The idea is to find that sweet spot between too easy and very difficult. 

Use Case: The alarm is ringing, there’s no “turn off” button on the screen. Instead you find a bunch of cute kittens dancing and singing, making noise on your phone screen. Now out of these 9 cats only 1 is making that noise, rest are dummies. To turn off the alarm you have to find that 1 noisy cat.
And it doesn’t always have to be the cats, you can customize these characters.

iOS App

Here’s a list of screen to explains how the app works

1. Home Screen- No Alarms

Shows the list of alarms added by users. In the beginning it’s empty since there’s no alarm. A new alarm can be added by tapping the “Add New” button.

2. Alarm Options

Once users adds an alarm, set of options open up. From these options an alarm can be customized.

3. Set Time

Selecting time on the options menu opens the time selector to set the time.

4. Themes…activating, previewing and buying.

Selecting theme from options menu opens the theme page. This page let’s users to choose a theme for the alarm.

Your Themes: It contains all the themes that a user owns. It includes all free and purchased ones. Here users can preview and activate a theme.

Theme Store: The store displays all the themes available to buy. Users can preview and buy themes here. Once a theme is purchased it moves to “Your Themes” section.

Preview - before activating

5. Difficulty

Option to choose the difficult level for a theme. A higher difficulty means more number of characters on the ringing screen.

This is an example of how a theme looks on different difficulty settings: 

6. Repeat

Option to choose when to repeat the alarm.

7. Label

Option to name an alarm.

8. Snooze

Option to choose snooze time.

9. Home Screen- Saved Alarms

Once users taps the “done” button in Alarm Options, that alarm gets saved and added to the home screen.
Users can switch on/off an alarm here.

10. Delete Alarms

By selecting “Edit” from the home screen users can delete an alarm if not need anymore.

11. Alarm Turn Off/Snooze Flow

In the alarm ringing state, when users tap on the correct (noisy) character they see options to turn off or snooze the alarm. By tapping either of these buttons the alarm stops ringing and a feedback is displayed.

Option to turn off or snooze alarm